Arctic Survival (Survival) Set

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Arctic Survival (Survival) Set (incl. helmet)

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Arctic Survival (Survival) Set (incl. helmet) The Arctic Survival Helmet is designed to protect the wearer’s head and neck from dangerous cold. Those who wish to traverse the unforgiving terrain of planetary poles and glacial regions would likely do themselves great harm without one, though they must be worn with the Arctic Survival Suit to be fully effective. In addition to warm animal furs blocking out the wind, a sophisticated breathing mask prevents the user from cold entering their lungs, and durable goggles protect the eyes.

The Arctic Survival Suit is a full-body outfit designed to protect both military and civilian personnel from the harsh elements of glacial regions. Warm animal furs and highly advanced polymers trap the body heat within the suit, yet allow plenty of flexibility for quick movement. Thick boots and gloves complement the gear, allowing for ease of movement in outdoor patrols, tasks, or combat. Although it sports little in the way of storage compartments, the energy the user will conserve in this suit can be the deciding factor in a perilous rescue or reconnaissance situation.

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