Sienar Conglomerate’s Himalia Jade invites our valued customers to meet her at the Fourteenth Uli Swap Meet.

The Nimban Swap Meet is an annual occasion full of races, prizes, various equipment, ships, vehicles, droids, and of course Jawas. Held annually on Nimban at the City of Nelvaan teh swap meet features The Kreigs Run Race, The Uli Speed Trials, Jawas, and much more!!

Himalia will be greeting customers at Sienar’s Vendor Stall located in the heart of the Nimban Swap Meet. Some sentients may recall meeting Himalia previously during last year’s swap meet conducting a trial run of her new Merchant System. She was able to provide many suits of armor and medical items to several happy customers. Based upon these reports of customer satisfaction Himalia has decided to make attending the Swap Meet an annual event for herself and her Shop.

Announcement: The Sienar Marketplace will be closed from year 20 day 155 until day 177

Year:  20 Day: 155

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia

Planet: Moobia

New Anxarta Capital District 

Director of Sales, Jaydon TaVolarian walked into the Sienar Conglomerate press corp briefing room promptly at 11:00 am galactic standard time. The chatter in the room dropped off quickly as the Corellian woman took the podium.

“Greetings, just a real quicklime announcement for you all as you enjoy the celebrations for our fifteenth year in business. Sienar Sales will be closed from Day 155 through day 185.”

“Thank you all kindly for your time, and please enjoy the games!!”

Headline: Sienar Fleet Systems joins the Sienar Conglomerate

Year:  20 Day: 120

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia

Planet: Moobia

New Anxarta Capital District 


Vice President, Bart Roberts, along with the Chief Executive Officer of Sienar Fleet Systems, Silus Nidor, walked into the Sienar Conglomerate press corp briefing room promptly at 11:00 am galactic standard time. The chatter in the room dropped off quickly as the Vice President took the podium.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the KNN press corp. I am pleased to announce that Sienar Fleet Systems has joined the Sienar Conglomerate. I am thrilled to finally see the Companies that Raith Sienar built so long ago back under one banner. I am also honored that this momentous occasion has happened on my watch as I am sure CEO Nidor is as well. We have worked alongside Sienar Fleet Systems for some time now. It is good to see our friendship grow into a partnership. While we still have some final details to work out, I think we can all agree that this partnership will strengthen both the Conglomerate and Sienar Fleet Systems. I do look forward to working with CEO Nidor and his team over the coming weeks to hammer out the final details of this deal. In the meantime, I ask everyone to give Mr. Nidor and his staff a warm welcome into our fold. I will now turn over the podium to CEO Nidor for his comments.

Vice President Roberts stepped back, turned to CEO Nidor and motioned for him to take the podium.

Good Morning, thank you for the kind introduction. It is with great honour that I feel that i’m returning Sienar Fleet Systems to its rightful place as a proper part of the Sienar Conglomerate. I have personally been involved with the ship manufacturing industry for more years than I can count, in that time I have had the honour of working for some of the largest Ship manufacturers in the Galaxy in Transgalmeg Industries and being 2IC of Corellian Engineering Corporation before forming Zonama Sekot Shipbuilders which became Sienar Fleet Systems when I was fortunate enough to acquire the name for a few years back. I have also had the pleasure of knowing Vice President Roberts for many years and admire the work he has done in turning the Conglomerate into one of the largest independant Manufacturers and suppliers of Items in the Galaxy. I hope that by joining into this alliance and rejoining Sienar Fleet Systems with the Conglomerate that it will help bring even more opportunities and prosperity to all involved. Once again Thank you to Vice President Roberts and everyone else who I have had the pleasure of meeting so far for making myself and my Colleagues feel very welcome and at home already.

As CEO Nidor finished his comments and stepped back from the podium the two gentlemen shook hands as several camara droids buzzed around taking pictures.


Tion Hegemony hosts Galactic Concordiate’s first Biennial Gala

Year:  20 Day: 83

Sector: Allied Tion

System: Voss

Planet: Voss

Meeshae Capital District 

For six days, from Day 55, Voss thronged with visiting heads of state, industry tycoons, and high society as the Tionese capital played host to the Galactic Concordiate’s first Biennial Gala. The Gala was organised to officially welcome the Falleen Federation and Sienar Conglomerate into the bloc, but as King Jado Dur`rik noted in an opening address, the celebrations held a greater significance. “We Falleen have not forgotten the lessons of our history: our unity is our strength. When my Council looked towards the Concordiate, we saw the possibilities which its renewed purpose could open not only to us, but to others.” Explaining that “the principle which now unites us is a positive one; we have, as the Second Treaty of Forsetti declares, joined together ‘to further the goals of peace, neutrality, and, prosperity.’ Not by war or the promise of technology, but through our commitment to ensuring the galaxy becomes that which it ought to be, where intimidation and threats of force are subjected to diplomacy and law.”

Concordiate members were not alone in their celebrations, either. Government officials and business leaders from the Hapes Consortium, the New Republic, The Wraiths, Czerka Corporation, and the CIS were also seen at many of the Gala’s different events. The ubiquitous presence of non-Concordiate members was explained by the Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot-Delcroix, leader of the Tion Hegemony, who said the Concordiate’s leaders “were keenly aware of the wider diplomatic opportunities presented almost as soon as discussions began on hosting an event like this.” Stressing that although the “Executive Council made the decision early on to limit the number of guests, we wanted to demonstrate and celebrate the possibilities open to those willing to share our values and ideals.”

The dinners, balls, and receptions which filled the Grand Capitol Palace underscored the strenuous efforts that had gone into remaking the alliance. Even though the heads of state of the Condordiate’s members have been meeting regularly for years now, this was the first gathering for its entire citizenry. When asked ‘Why now?’ the Lady Hegemon was poised to answer, “To us leading this alliance, one of its greatest failings has been a seeming irrelevance to the daily lives of its citizens. We have sought to change that: in virtually every corner of the alliance a public holiday was declared, and the number of journeys made to Voss has been extraordinary.” Adding “By bringing our people together, we can better show them why we think the Concordiate matters and the opportunities it provides.”



Events were run throughout the districts of Meeshae, the capital city. Citizens of the alliance, and those invited as friends, were treated to scavenger hunts, local lotteries, and even a system-wide grand prix, in which the finest pilots from across the group traversed a complex course, testing their coordination and pushing their endurance to its limits. Tion pilots Athrun Zala and Dillininioh Colk took first and third place, while Garas Tegra, a Trade Federation pilot, took second.

The Gala was brought to a close, on Day 60, when the Executive Council met for a joint press conference at the Capitol Palace broadcasted across the alliance. Viceroy Jacob Jansen, the current Magistrate of the Executive Council, gave the final address. “When we began discussing the Concordiate’s future a year ago, it was apparent to us immediately the scale of what we are trying to achieve. But, in the months since, the alliance has come together dramatically. With each new act, we are slowly pushing the frontier of what was thought possible.” Reiterating the group’s founding principle, the Viceroy concluded “A space for peaceful diplomacy and economic co-operation is being created: we welcome Sienar and the Falleen to our alliance on that basis, and we stand ready to welcome any others who desire to do so.”

The Falleen Federation and Sienar Conglomerate join the Galactic Concordiate

Year:  20 Day: 5

Sector: Zeemacht Cluster

System: Taanab

Planet: Taanab


As nightfall drew in over the skies of Taanab, only the whistling of fireworks could be heard above the revelry of crowds below, where at the Trade Federation Palace, just a few hours earlier, representatives of the Galactic Concordiate had met to finalize the treaty which would admit two new members to the group: the Falleen Federation and the Sienar Conglomerate. It was widely hoped that the recent shakeup of the bloc would renew interest in its ability to act as a guarantor of stability and peace, and kindle an era of closer cooperation amongst neutral powers.

King Dur`rik, in a speech to the Sejm, set out his government’s position on membership of the Concordiate: “Our Charter of Confederation states that ‘we join together as brothers and sisters, accepting equally those Falleen lost among the stars and those others desirous of freedom and peace, in a firm league of friendship with each other for common defense, the security of our liberties, and our mutual and general welfare.’ Although it has been six years since we declared neutrality, I have been determined always that our Federation should uphold those values as a model; that it should not be an island unto itself. With the Second Treaty of Forsetti, the Galactic Concordiate has demonstrated its commitment, not only to those ideals which we cherish, but a willingness , too, to argue that neutrality is not merely to stand by, as the passive observer, it is to develop our societies on our own terms, and in a spirit of cooperation with others across the galaxy.”



The Falleen Federation’s admission to the group was therefore considered a major success of the alliance’s reforms. The parallel application of Sienar was, however, considered a surprise, given the Conglomerate’s history of independent neutrality.

“Sienar has always been an independent and neutral corporation,” noted Bart Roberts, Vice President of the Sienar Conglomerate Board of Directors, speaking on behalf of the Conglomerate. “It has been a guiding principle since our inception fifteen years ago, and shall always be so. Nevertheless, we have wanted to be a part of building a peaceful galaxy for some time now. But, it was never clear how exactly a corporation such as ours would ‘fit in’ with the Galactic Concordiate as it was first organized. As a non-government, we were simply ineligible to join the group’s upper leadership. Now that full equality to all members has been granted, we are confident of our place and role in the group. And while we accept that the Concordiate is not a perfect solution to the problems that plague our Galaxy, we believe that it has the best chance of making a reality of the vision for an organized group of neutral governments and corporations based upon the rule of law, and respect for the sovereignty of its members.”

Concluding the press conference which followed the signing, current Magistrate of the Concordiate, Jacob Jansen, explained why the Galactic Concordiate appeared to stress the importance of collective action only now, six years after its creation. “When we founded the Concordiate it was conceived as a way to organise the existing relationship between its founders. We did not envisage it as a political ‘project’ of any kind; there was no need to. However, as Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot expressed clearly two months ago, the galaxy has changed drastically since then. Lawless groups have emerged and targeted those of the galaxy willing to operate by the norms of civil diplomacy. Ignoring the problem has seen it grow, and further inaction will simply continue to undermine the role which peaceful diplomacy and mutual cooperation play in building the sustainable peace and prosperity the alliance has enjoyed. If the Concordiate seems now to be a ‘project’ then it is because we think that one is necessary.” The Magistrate underscored the importance of self-restraint, which major powers would need to exercise if such a project was to be achieved. “Groups like the Trade Federation must lead by example. We have to accept certain limitations on our role and power within the alliance if our partners’ voices are to be adequately heard and considered. The Concordiate has striven to achieve that balance with its new treaty, and the results are reflected today with the signing of two members varying significantly in power, history, and relationship to the Galactic Civil War.”

Six of the larger governments and corporations spread across the galaxy have now signed up to the ‘third way’ encapsulated by the Second Treaty of Forsetti, making the Second Galactic Concordiate one of the largest organisations in galactic history.

Sienar Outstanding Service Commendation

Year:  19 Day: 1

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia

Planet: Moobia

Moobia Prime, Sienar Conglomerate Headquarters

A crowd of reporters and citizens gather in the Sienar Conglomerate press room as Bart Roberts steps up to a podium baring the seal of the Sienar Conglomerate. Four people join him standing to the right of the podium. The Vice President took a minute to organize some items on his data pad before looking up at the gathering. He smiled warmly to the crowed as he began to speak.

“Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the Sienar Conglomerate. Today it’s my honour, as Vice President of the Board of Management of the Sienar Conglomerate and in celebration of the end of the year to present Jaydon TaVolarian, Jarkath Solaris, Morgan Dall and Vassago Vine with the Sienar Outstanding Service Commendation.”

A round of applauds erupt from the crowd gathered in the press room. As the room begins to return to normal Bart continues

“The Outstanding Service Commendation was designed to honor those who perform their duties with outstanding service and dedication to our community. The recipient of the Outstanding Service Commendation Award must have demonstrated, dedication to the Sienar Conglomerate and our members combined with a strong sense of duty to their role in our community. These citizens have for some time, and continues to, put their whole heart and soul into their job and the Sienar Conglomerate.”

Bart then turned to the 4 people standing slightly behind and to the right of the podium.

Jaydon Tavolarian
Director of Sales
Sienar Technologies

“Director Tavolarian came to us about a year and a half ago. She has shown exemplary work ethics since day one. Jaydon joined the sales team shortly after joining Sienar Technologies and on Y18 D15 was promoted to Sales Director. Director Tavolarian has lead her team to triple total yearly sales numbers from Y 17. I am very proud to have Jaydon on our team and a part of the Sienar Conglomerate family. She has certainly earned recognition for her efforts.”

Jarkath Solaris
Chief Executive Officer
Sienar Extractions

“CEO Jarkath Solaris took over the helm at Sienar Extractions earlier this year when the then CEO Tessa Kay had to step down due to medical issues. Jarkath has done an amazing job as CEO of Extractions. He continues to improve supply lines and see to it that the materials, which are the life blood of any corporation, are available at construction sites, factories and shipyards throughout Conglomerate space. I look forward to work with Jarkath on the Board of Management in the coming year.”

Morgan Dall
Chief Operations Officer
Sienar Pharmaceuticals

“Morgan Dall joined the Sienar Conglomerate around Year 12 Day 52. COO Dall has always played a pivotal role on our construction team. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. He is one of the most reliable people I know. He is willing to do what ever he needs to do to better the Conglomerate. Morgan is now COO of Sienar Pharmaceuticals and works with SP to advance medical research and extend top notch medical services to all of the worlds in the Sienar Conglomerate. I am truly honored to call Morgan my friend.”

Vassago Vine
Chief Surgon
Sienar Pharmaceuticals

“Vassago Vine joined Sienar Pharmaceuticals around Year 17 Day 262. He is always happy to help where ever he is needed from construction and production to RM transport Vassago has always been happy to dive in and help. Vassago now heads up our cybernetic surgery division. This department is his creation, I know he will continue to make advancements in this field.”

Bart places Outstanding Service Commendation ribbon around the neck of each of them, then turns back to the crowd and extends his arms

“Ladies and gentlemen please acknowledge our friends with a warm Sienar family congratulations.”

Outstanding Service Commendation

Population in Chalacta explodes as Tibannagas Prices soar in the Kastolar sector.

Year:  18 Day: 69

Sector: Kastolar

System: Chalacta

Planet: Chalacta

Aboard the Vice President’s Flagship, the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [SC] Olympus


The Sienar Conglomerate Bureau of Trade (SCBT) has today unveiled a new analysis about the Chalacta system mining boom using data from the Y 17 Census.

Gas giant from station

The Sienar Conglomerate Bureau of Trade (SCBT) report has shown that Chalacta is among one of the systems that have experienced the fastest population growth in Kastolar since the last Census. Seeing a growth of over 6 billion sentient beings in the past year alone.

The Vice President of the Sienar Conglomerate, Bart Roberts, said “These high growth mining systems like Chalacta tend to have a lot of jobs with higher income levels than surrounding systems. Miners work long hours for good pay. I am pleased to see the growth in civilization here in Chalacta.”

City in the clouds

“The Sienar Conglomerate Bureau of Trade (SCBT) report shows that unlike the rest of Kastolar, where females outnumber males, Chalacta System has more males. For example, more than two-thirds of people staying in Chalacta on the Y 17 Census were male. The study also shows that the majority of people in fast growing mining systems are in their prime working years between 25 and 54,” he said.

“The analysis report further found that these systems tend not to have many older people with only 1 per cent of people in Blimph on the last Census aged 65 or older.”

“The downside to this report is that there has been an increase in prostitution, and petty assaults. It also shows that real estate prices are skyrocketing with residents sometimes having to pay quite high rent – for example the median rent for a personal residence in Blimph, one of the other large mining systems in the Kastolar sector, rented from a private landlord was 1300 credits per week. While in Chalacta the same residence can be rented for 1500 credits per week.”

“You can bet that as long as the Tibannagas prices stay up, we will see continued growth in the Chalacta system.”  Vice President of the Sienar Conglomerate, Bart Roberts concluded.


Sector Rangers Joins The Sienar Conglomerate

Year: 17 Day: 277

Sector: Kastolar

System: Sabrash

Planet: Sabrash I

Aboard the Dreadnought SC Stephanie Barefoot BB 17 

Coruscant-dreadnaughts (1)

([SC] Stephanie Barefoot and [SC] Vanguard in Sabrash orbit)

As of the time of this press release, the military group, The Sector Rangers, has joined the Sienar Conglomerate as full members. Conglomerate President, Drey Exodus, announced this during a short speech.

This marks something more then a simple merger, it places the Kastolar sector under one flag and all the citizens of the Kastolar sector now have full rights and benefits of the Sienar Conglomerate. It is truly a great day for us all. We look forward to working with our brothers and sisters in Sector Rangers in the future for the betterment of Kastolar and our holdings in the Halla sector.

 In a short interview after President Exodus’ speech, Vice President of the mega corp, Bart Roberts, had this to say.

Sector Rangers has been a long time ally and close friend of the Conglomerate.  Their full membership in the Conglomerate is a natural progression in our partnership and we look forward to growing this partnership and welcome them to this great family.

Grand Marshall, Axe Vulcan, Commander of the Sector Rangers, will assume command of the Conglomerate military forces. The Sector Rangers will undertake the responsibilities of the protection of the Conglomerate boarders along with the system security. This merger will include the joining of the Sienar Security Force with the Sector Rangers. SR will also be involved with military development and construction projects across the Kastolar and Halla sectors.


Central Bank of Kastolar


Year: 17 Day: 184

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia: 

Planet: Moobia

Sienar Conglomerate Capital 


The press gathers in the news briefing room at the Sienar Conglomerate Capital building. Also present in the room are President Exodus, to his right stands Vice President Roberts, to his left Sienar Extractions CEO Tessa Kay, Sienar Pharmaceuticals CEO X`ya Django, and another man not recognizable to many outside of Sienar – John Tacker. Above and behind the group the holographic image of the great seal of the Sienar Conglomerate slowly spins. President Exodus appears to be smiling and nodding in Trackers direction, but appears to be interrupted as he halts and looks directly into the camera, never loosing the smile.  The press secretary steps up to the podium and begins speaking.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press. Today the Sienar Conglomerate is happy to announce a big addition to help the citizens of the Sienar Conglomerate. I introduce to you, Drey Exodus, president of the Sienar Conglomerate.

Everyone in the room stands in respect of President Exodus as he enters the room. Drey steps to the podium, shakes the hand of the press secretary, then turns and smiles warmly to the members of the press corp.

Sentinents of the galaxy, fellow Sienarians, I am extremely excited to announce the establishment of a new Banking Institute today, formed by and for Sienar Members, which will be known henceforth as the Central Bank of Kastolar. In charge of this new bank, I hereby announce John Tacker as Finance Manager. Congratulations, Tacker, on seeing your dreams come to fruition!

Drey gestures for John to come forward, and as he does shakes the man’s hand as they both smile for the cameras.

Without further ado, I will let John introduce himself and the bank. Please…

Drey yields the podium and John steps up, nods and clears his throat before continuing.

Thank you, Mr. President!
Dear Colleagues, friends…
…nobody in this room knew anything about me when I joined Sienar Conglomerate. I was a young, inexperienced pilot with a great will to work, to create, to build. I “deposited” to them my vision and they offered me the most valuable good an employer can offer to an employee: freedom! The freedom to express my thoughts, my dreams and my creativity. In this great family, I found the stimuli on the face of illuminated teachers as Bart, as Tessa, as X`ya and of course, as President Exodus.
So, today, Ladies and Gentlemen, Sienar Conglomerate honors me deeply by giving me the chance to present to you the Central Bank of Kastolar. A project that got life after a long time of hard work. A tool that will offer you the chance to realize your visions.
We don’t want you to deposit just your money, we want you to deposit your passion, your dream and we will make it true!
Thank you.

Above the podium and along side the Sienar Conglomerate seal the seal of The Central Bank of Kastolar fades in. The room erupts in cheers.

sienar-logo-big - Copy (2)CentralBankofKastolar


Sienar Conglomerate honors Ambassador and Chancellor From Tion Hegemony


Year: 17 Day: 157

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia: 

Sienar Conglomerate Shipyards


The air in the room is festive as all of the Sienar Conglomerate prepares for the launch of it’s newest warship. The name and hull number have been kept under wraps since the Sienar Technologies Ship Yards laid the keel months ago. The room goes quiet as Vice President Bart Roberts steps forward and speaks to the gathered crowd.

Ship yard 4

“Today is a proud moment for all of us under the Sienar Conglomerate flag. We gather today to both honor one of our dearest friends, our Ambassador from the Tion Hegemony Chancellor Stephanie Barefoot and witness the christening and launch of our newest warship. The launching of a ship is like the birth of a child: it is a time of tension and anticipation. The builder worries about the transfer of his large, weighty creation from the unyielding steel of the ship yard to the zero Gravity of space. And the people of the Sienar Conglomerate look forward with pride to our newest asset. Be she merchantman or man-of-war, the “birth” of a ship generates both emotions. This new ship, as you’ve heard, is a marvel of technological innovation, Sienar innovation, and the strength of our manufacturing system, as is this incredible shipyard.”

“So with no further ado, it is time to christen this incredible new ship.  Her crew can then take her out and defend the Sienar Conglomerate, just as our Navy and our civilian mariners have done in centuries past. May the BB 17 [SC] Stephanie Barefoot serve in peace but should the need arise, may she be ready to defend our home worlds.”

Vice President Roberts steps back from the podium and hands Ambassador Chancellor  Barefoot a small data pad with a blinking red button on it.

“Thank you Mr Vice President.”

steph_480“It is for me, a great honor and privilege to play a small part in this ceremony. For many years now, the peoples of the Sienar
Conglomerate and the Tion Hegemony have been good and close friends. Long may the relationship we share continue to be warm and fruitful. So, it is my pleasure to name this vessel the ‘BB 17 [SC] Stephanie Barefoot’. May good fortune follow her and all who serve upon her.”

Stephanie presses the button releasing the magnetic moorings holding the BB 17 in position within the confines of the shipyard. Maneuvering jets fire pushing the new warship out into space. As the [SC] Stephanie Barefoot drifted into view through the large observation view ports built into the side of the station, everyone in the room is awe struck by the sight of the Dreadnought class warship floating in silence with the capital world of the Sienar Conglomerate serving as the back drop.