Sienar Pharmaceuticals

Owner: Bart Roberts
Chief Executive Officer: X`ja Django
Chief of Operations: Ao Kishuba
Who are we?
The galaxy’s leading manufacturer and researcher of medical technology and equipment
The full history:

As the Sienar Conglomerate enjoyed a period of increased growth and prosperity, they began construction on what would prove to be their most ambitious project to date. Understanding that their future success depended on better organization and increased production from their factories, they began retooling existing facilities and building new ones, establishing new cities and enhancing existing locales as they did so. As part of this ambitious plan, they needed to enlist the assistance of one of the galaxy’s many medical companies to aid in the building of laboratories that could be used for future research and development. Sienar Technologies’ Construction Director, Chelle Enaid, newly promoted to the position, was assigned the task of joining one of those medical companies and he quickly began construction on Sienar’s new labs.

As a temporary employee of the Biological Research Institute, Enaid was partially into the construction process when to his surprise he suddenly found himself as the company’s sole employee. The founders of the Institute had suddenly decided to close shop and pursue other goals. Left to view the company’s hidden secrets, it came as a large surprise to the Sienar Executives to find that the fledgling medical supply company that they had teamed up with was in fact a medical research company whose specialty was the manufacture of biological and chemical weaponry and clandestine medical testing.

In an emergency meeting of the Sienar Board of Directors, it was decided that since the Sienar Conglomerate was in fact expanding to provide a wide range of survival gear and technology, adding medical supplies and treatment to the company’s list of services was in fact an option. An offer was made to the owners of the original Biological Research Institute, and Sienar was able to purchase the company’s remaining assets. The name was changed to Sienar Pharmaceuticals to better fit into the new owner’s goals for the company.

Soon after acquiring the medical institute, Sienar resumed construction on the labs that would provide medical research, not in chemical weaponry, but on advanced medical treatments that would benefit the galaxy as a whole. Factories were retooled, and recruitment materials were distributed in an attempt to hire new employees for the restructured company. While this process is ongoing, Sienar Pharmaceuticals hopes to be providing for the galaxy’s medical needs soon. Once new employees are hired and the factories begin production, they will be open to business to ANY member of the universe, with no exceptions. Sienar Pharmaceuticals strives to uphold the highest standards, as indicated by the Sienar Conglomerate’s corporate business model.

As CEO, Drey Exodus will continue to run all of the businesses of the Sienar Conglomerate: Sienar Technologies, Sienar Extractions, and Sienar Pharmaceuticals. His continuing goal is to move the companies toward a brighter future by providing the best possible products, technology, and medical care to a vast variety of sentient beings around the galaxy. Under Exodus, the two existing Sienar companies have experienced major growth and expansion, and his leadership will advance Sienar Pharmaceuticals to that same level.