Sienar Conglomerate

President: Bart Roberts

Vice President: Thylar Davarian

The Sienar Conglomerate(SC) is one of the oldest group of companies operating from a Politically Neutral stance. The Sienar family itself came from a long line of people specializing in shipbuilding and technology production going back to before the Unification Wars (Approximately Five Millennia before the First Galactic Civil War). The family earned enough political standing to ensure that the Sienar lineage continued into the Republican era. The family owned and operated successful manufacturing companies such as Sienar Technologies and Sienar Fleet Systems. A century before The First Galactic Civil War the Santhe family acquired a controlling share in Sienar Technologies and renamed it Santhe/Sienar Technologies. The union between the two families was secured during this period with an arranged marriage. After the First Galactic Civil War the company passed into the hands of Brigadier General Chiss Veers. Under his orders, in Year 5, Sienar Army Systems (a vehicle supplier), Sienar Corporate Security (a corporate protection agency), and Sienar Extractions (a mining company) were created. These companies became the foundation for today’s SC.

The SC is currently co-owned by Drey Exodus and Bart Roberts, but is controlled by a Board of Directors that is comprised of the President of the Board, Vice President of the Board and The Chairman from each company under The Sienar Conglomerate banner.

The SC governs the Kastolar (Sector), as well as several systems in Halla (Sector) as a Corporatocracy. In total, the SC has a major influence over nearly 46 billion citizens, on 60 planets, in 15 star systems divided over the two sectors. The planets and systems are under the control of the Sienar Conglomerate Board of Directors.

The SC is supported by the local citizenry alike due to the vast wealth the Conglomerate pumps into their local economies. Mining, medical services and production, along with the taxation of SC controlled worlds, provides the corporation with this wealth. SC controls its own military force to provide security for its holdings and to the citizens of the star systems.