Sienar Technologies

Owner: Drey Exodus
Chief Executive Officer: Drey Exodus
Chief of Operations: Jaydon TalVolarian
Who are we?
Sienar Technologies is one of the leading manufacturer of items in the known Galaxy.
The full history:
Sienar Technologies is one of the preeminent manufacturers of survival gear and technology in the galaxy today. Founded originally by the famed Sienar family, Technologies has been around for many centuries. The company originally flourished on the industrial world of Lianna, nearly a century before the Emperor’s New Order gained power. The Sienar family, who traced their roots back to the original designers of the warships favored by Empress Teta during the Unification Wars, provided a great many starships for the Galactic Republic for many millennia. From the original company, Sienar branched out into many smaller subsidiaries. Sienar Technologies eventually entered into an arrangement with the Santhe family, and due to an arranged marriage, became Santhe/Sienar Technologies. During the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire and New Order, the Sienar Corporation as a whole took its place as the premiere technology company, as demand for new advances in equipment and ships was great in the field of battle.

After the Clone Wars, many of the subsidiaries under the Sienar umbrella branched out on their own, including Santhe/Sienar Technologies, which shortened its name to again be known as Sienar Technologies.

In recent history, the company was taken over by former Brigadier General, Chis Veers. General Veers determined that he could best support his fledgling corporation by creating three separate subsidiaries, designed to support the main corporation. Under his orders, Sienar Army Systems (a vehicle supplier), Sienar Corporate Security (a corporate protection agency), and Sienar Extractions (which mined the materials needed for production) were all created. Of those three sister companies, only Extractions remains in business today, still supplying raw materials to the manufacturing plants of Sienar Technology.

Although General Veers was a good leader for awhile, and helped to get the once magnificent company back on its feet after the wars had ended, he soon slipped into a role of complacency and tyranny. After making some brash and ill-advised business transactions, including trading with a known thief and con artist, Veers was forced to cede his role as CEO, although not before having to close the doors to Sienar Army Systems as a result of his bad management.

Veers’ right hand man and closest friend, Kyp von Exodus took over control of the struggling company after Veers resignation. His first act as CEO was to work out a merger of two of the struggling subsidiaries, combining Sienar Corporate Security with Sienar Technologies in a move that likely saved both companies from dissolution. Under von Exodus’ leadership, the companies prospered.

Unfortunately, the success of Sienar did not go unnoticed in the galaxy. Desperate to ward off the advancing conglomerate, Sienar’s enemies took it upon themselves to stop the company from prospering. An assassin was sent to remove von Exodus from his perch, and sadly was successful in killing him.

Unbeknownst to his executioners, von Exodus had taken measures to ensure his companies were safe in case of his death. His adopted son, a young Sullustan orphan whom few knew existed, was bequeathed the companies in a secret will. Known previously by the name Drey H’makora, the fledgling CEO decided to honor his adopted father by changing his name to Drey Exodus and to continue Kyp’s vision for Sienar Technologies and Sienar Extractions.

Today, Exodus’ continues to run all of the businesses of the Sienar Conglomerate: Sienar Technologies, Sienar Extractions, and Sienar Pharmaceuticals. His continuing goal is to move the companies toward a brighter future by providing the best possible technology and medical care to a vast variety of sentient beings around the galaxy. Under Exodus, all three companies have experienced major growth and expansion, and Sienar Technologies continues to flourish under his leadership.