Sienar Extractions

 Owner: Drey Exodus
Chief Executive Officer: Jarkath Solaris
Chief of Operations: Tessa Kay
Who are we?
Sienar Extractions is a division of the Sienar conglomerate, responsible for extracting raw materials, needed for the vast production of Sienar Technologies items.
The full history:

Sienar Extractions came into existence after the horrors of the Clone Wars had become a distant memory. The company was founded by former Brigadier General Chiss Veers as a mining corporation dedicated to finding raw materials to supply the factories of its sister company, Sienar Technologies.

Under Veers’ control, Sienar Extractions saw more than its share of difficulty. Veers’ leadership had become increasingly problematic. The General had become extremely complacent and disinterested in his businesses, and had entered into several questionable trade agreements, costing the company millions of credits. In addition, Veers was prone to unleash his frustration on his workers, often killing employees to vent his hostility toward his enemies. Sadly, during this dark time for the company, many workers were either killed by their CEO’s tirades, or quit the company choosing to work somewhere less volatile. Mines were left idle as miners dropped their tools and fled the company, and the lack of raw materials took a toll on production in the factories at Sienar Technologies.

As all seemed lost for the mining conglomerate, Veers stepped down as CEO of Sienar, and a new CEO took over. Although Veers’ successor, Kyp von Exodus, was a magnificent leader and saved the Sienar conglomerate from financial ruin, Sienar Extractions suffered from many different company leaders. Throughout the subsequent years, some of those leaders caused the young mining company a host of problems, including those caused by Tenodera, a former leader who established a pact with a pirate group who successfully robbed the company of many of its assets.

After the death of Kyp von Exodus, his adopted son Drey Exodus took over. The younger Exodus decided to take an active role in running both companies under the Sienar name, taking over Extractions as well as Sienar Technologies.

Today, Exodus’ continues to run all of the businesses of the Sienar Conglomerate: Sienar Technologies, Sienar Extractions, and Sienar Pharmaceuticals. His continuing goal is to move the companies toward a brighter future by providing the best possible technology and medical care to a vast variety of sentient beings around the galaxy. Under Exodus, all three companies have experienced major growth and expansion, and Sienar Extractions continues to flourish under his leadership.