Sienar Fleet Systems

Sienar Fleet Systems is one of the oldest and most respected names when it comes to Manufacturing Ships. Originally part of the Sienar Conglomerate it seperated off over time and the name was passed along through several different owners until in finally came into possession of Silus Nidor. Mr Nidor having previously worked and helped managed some of the largest ship manufacturers in the Galaxy set about restoring Sienar Fleet Systems to its rightful place as one of the foremost independent ship manufacturers in the Galaxy.

These plans took a large positive step forward in early Year 20 when Sienar Fleet System officially reallied with the Sienar Conglomerate to become an official part of it. In doing so Sienar Fleet Systems has come full circle and now we aim to keep growing to increase our Production capabilities and establish ourselves as the first name you choose to use for all your Ship Manufacturing needs.