Breaking news from the Sienar Conglomerate Security Force


Year: 17 Day: 72

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia: 

Planet: Moobia

Sienar Conglomerate Headquarters 


Due to unexpected personal matters Azrah Kahn has stepped down as the Grand Marshall of the Sienar Conglomerate Security Force. Tessa Kay, Board of Management member and CEO of Sienar Extractions commented today saying “Grand Marshall Kahn will be missed, we wish him well on his future endeavors, however business must go on.” The Board of Management held an emergency meeting earlier this morning and announced Grand Marshall Kahn’s replacement shortly after. In a brief press conference after the meeting President Drey Exodus announced the promotion of Artemis Imperium to the position of Grand Marshall of the Sienar Conglomerate Security Force. In his press briefing President Exodus said “Imperium was the highest ranking member of the SCSF, most up to speed on all operations currently underway, and naturally the wisest and best choice for this promotion. While we are saddened to see our friend Azrah step down, we are equally proud to have Grand Marshall Imperium in his place. I am sure Artemis will be successful in his new role for the Conglomerate.”

Grand Marshall Imperium spoke to us shortly after the briefing, saying “It was a shock to receive the news of Grand Marshal Khan’s sudden departure, his expertise will be missed. I look forward now to the challenge of taking the SSF forward from here.” More to come as this story develops…