Central Bank of Kastolar


Year: 17 Day: 184

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia: 

Planet: Moobia

Sienar Conglomerate Capital 


The press gathers in the news briefing room at the Sienar Conglomerate Capital building. Also present in the room are President Exodus, to his right stands Vice President Roberts, to his left Sienar Extractions CEO Tessa Kay, Sienar Pharmaceuticals CEO X`ya Django, and another man not recognizable to many outside of Sienar – John Tacker. Above and behind the group the holographic image of the great seal of the Sienar Conglomerate slowly spins. President Exodus appears to be smiling and nodding in Trackers direction, but appears to be interrupted as he halts and looks directly into the camera, never loosing the smile.  The press secretary steps up to the podium and begins speaking.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press. Today the Sienar Conglomerate is happy to announce a big addition to help the citizens of the Sienar Conglomerate. I introduce to you, Drey Exodus, president of the Sienar Conglomerate.

Everyone in the room stands in respect of President Exodus as he enters the room. Drey steps to the podium, shakes the hand of the press secretary, then turns and smiles warmly to the members of the press corp.

Sentinents of the galaxy, fellow Sienarians, I am extremely excited to announce the establishment of a new Banking Institute today, formed by and for Sienar Members, which will be known henceforth as the Central Bank of Kastolar. In charge of this new bank, I hereby announce John Tacker as Finance Manager. Congratulations, Tacker, on seeing your dreams come to fruition!

Drey gestures for John to come forward, and as he does shakes the man’s hand as they both smile for the cameras.

Without further ado, I will let John introduce himself and the bank. Please…

Drey yields the podium and John steps up, nods and clears his throat before continuing.

Thank you, Mr. President!
Dear Colleagues, friends…
…nobody in this room knew anything about me when I joined Sienar Conglomerate. I was a young, inexperienced pilot with a great will to work, to create, to build. I “deposited” to them my vision and they offered me the most valuable good an employer can offer to an employee: freedom! The freedom to express my thoughts, my dreams and my creativity. In this great family, I found the stimuli on the face of illuminated teachers as Bart, as Tessa, as X`ya and of course, as President Exodus.
So, today, Ladies and Gentlemen, Sienar Conglomerate honors me deeply by giving me the chance to present to you the Central Bank of Kastolar. A project that got life after a long time of hard work. A tool that will offer you the chance to realize your visions.
We don’t want you to deposit just your money, we want you to deposit your passion, your dream and we will make it true!
Thank you.

Above the podium and along side the Sienar Conglomerate seal the seal of The Central Bank of Kastolar fades in. The room erupts in cheers.

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