Terms & Conditions

Important Notice

  • Makeover of goods  will be made to the individual or faction stated in the order at the time of delivery or pick up.
  • All goods are sold in Batches
  • Pick up orders will need to be picked up from our facilities with in 90 days of payment being made or the order will be canceled and the credits returned to the buyer minus a 25% restocking fee, unless other arrangement are made prior to the end of the 90 day period in your forum topic. All arrangements, deals etc. will be made though your sales rep. Sienar will not be held responsible for any arrangements, deals or prices made through any other channels outside of your sales rep. directly. All standard orders are picked up in the Kastolar sector, Moobia system in orbit of planet Moobia II.
  • Delivery is available at the expense of the client on a first come first serve basis. Delivery price is 100,000 credits per day from Kastolar to the delivery point calculated at pilot skill 5 hyper speed 5.