Mining and Prospecting

bruselprisci-20160104-avatar Brus Elprisci Mining Director Mining 1

Mining is the life blood of the Sienar Conglomerate. Without RMs to fuel the factories, shipyards  and construction teams the Conglomerate would grind to a halt. Our mining team is one of the most valuable teams in our company. They manages our mines and delivers much needed RMs. The mining department is also in charge of prospecting work hard to find new deposits to continue to grow the Conglomerate. These teams travel to Sienar worlds and search out much needed resources.


hadrianusverus-20160106-avatar Hadrianus Verus Prospecting Director Mining 2

Sienar Prospection Services; Your one stop for finding those precious materials! Here at Sienar, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly and effectively conduct surveys on your lands. Whether a Sector, System, Planet, Moon, Asteroid or City – we have you covered. All of our team are highly skilled, with a level 5 in Computer Operations. So you can rest assured, that we will find whats in your dirt!