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Sienar Conglomerate: Equipping The Galaxy

The Sienar Conglomerate is comprised of several companies; each aiding the other in their needs. The conglomerate is led by our Corporate President, Drey Exodus, a solid and fair individual you can always rely on to be there in your hour of need. We are more than just conglomerate companies who work together…Together we form a family: the Sienar family! As we are a neutral corporate conglomerate, we aim to do business with all sentient beings of the galaxy. We strive to excel in producing and delivering our products galaxy wide. Now, we need your help to achieve this goal. Not everyone is up to the challenge. So I invite you to take a look at our following positions:

st_logoSienar Technologies (Now Hiring)

Sienar Technologies is one of the preeminent manufacturers of survival gear and technology in the galaxy today. Founded originally by the famed Sienar family, Technologies has been around for many centuries. The company originally flourished on the industrial world of Lianna, nearly a century before the Emperor’s New Order gained power. The Sienar family, who traced their roots back to the original designers of the warships favored by Empress Teta during the Unification Wars, provided a great many starships for the Galactic Republic for many millennia. From the original company, Sienar branched out into many smaller subsidiaries. During the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire and New Order, the Sienar Conglomerate as a whole took its place as a premiere technology company, as demand for new advances in tech and equipment grew throughout the galaxy.

  • Logistics Pilot: Take command of your own freighter and travel the stars. You will be in charge of delivering and picking up goods and equipment for our company’s needs. Care must be taken though. The galaxy is a dangerous place! Starting pay is 5,000,000 per month plus bonuses and transport pay when working sales deliveries.
  • Sales Rep: Do you like to make deals and work in galactic trade? Become a sales rep and help us equip the galaxy! This job requires you to make connections and work with races and people on the galactic stage. Sales reps are paid commission on top of their monthly salary and bonuses. Warning, this job is not for the shy.┬áStarting pay is 5,000,000 per month plus bonuses and sales commission.
  • Construction Technician: Want to work for the betterment of the inhabitants of the worlds flying the Sienar flag? Join our construction team and help build Sienar’s future as you help develop the infrastructure of dozens of worlds.
  • Production Technician: Become the manager of our factories and shipyards. You will be in charge of producing the equipment, vessels, and vehicles needed to expand our footprint in the galactic market place.



Sienar Extractions (Now Hiring)

Sienar Extractions is a division of the Sienar conglomerate, responsible for extracting raw materials, needed for the vast production of Sienar Technologies items.
Sienar Extractions came into existence after the horrors of the Clone Wars had become a distant memory. The company was founded as a mining corporation dedicated to finding raw materials to supply the factories of its sister company, Sienar Technologies. Without SE, there would be no materials to build Sienar.

  • Cargo Pilot: Help in the transport and distribution of the life blood of our economy.
  • Mining Engineer: You don’t mind getting your hands dirty? If not, we can assure you this job fits you perfectly!
  • Prospecting Engineer: Become one of the men and women that search out resources to fuel the Sienar machine.



Sienar Pharmaceuticals (Now Hiring)

The galaxy’s leading manufacturer and researcher of medical technology and equipment. Be on the cutting edge of the medical field.

  • Surgeon: Become one of our elite Doctors or Surgeons and save the lives of the citizens of the worlds flying the Sienar flag. This mission is not for the faint of heart. However it is rewarding to use your talents to save others.
  • Medical Technician: Our Med Techs are in charge of putting the cutting edge science into the hands of our Doctors and medics. Join in and assist with the production and distribution of our life saving resources.


Sector Rangers

Sector Rangers is the security division of the Conglomerate. The Sector Rangers are in charge of everything from police force to sector, system and planetary security. Become one of an elite force to protect Sienar interests and citizens from the dregs of the galaxy. Enlist today, the Sector Rangers needs you!

  • Security Officer: As a Security Officer, you will see a wide variation of assignments. From Patrolling Conglomerate space to surface deployments to assisting the other departments. You will see regular combat training and will have plenty of opportunities to show your commanding skills.
  • Combat Medic: As a Combat Medic, you will assist your fellow Security brethren during operational deployments, but also to perform regular assignments like any other security officer. If you prove to be more than just good, you will be selected as a candidate to lead the Medical Division for Sector Rangers.
  • Combat Engineer: As a Combat Engineer, you will be assigned to support fellow Security officers during operational deployments. You will be assigned to assist with repairing droids, facilities and ships. You will also see to construction of security assets and facilities. If you are capable and prove to be a leader, you may be selected as candidate to lead the Mechanized Division for the Sector Rangers.

Sign on bonus: 1,000,000 credits after completion of your first assignment
Good pay: 5,000,000 credits for trainee level. Raises come quickly to those that apply themselves. (monthly)
Activity bonus: Monthly bonuses are paid based on your activity easily earn 3,000,000 credits extra each month.
Other benefits
Usage of Sienar ship
Sienar survival gear
Sienar equipment
Discounts 20% on our products
Free in faction force tests
Cheap space stations
Use of a factory

The reasons to join us…

  • We are a close family that is able to work hard and have fun at the same time.
  • We are active on our forum and if you wish to speak one on one to us, you can visit our IRC channel at any time.
  • We don’t command our employees, but offer what needs to be done, you choose if you are up to the job.
  • We always have room for promotion if you are a hard active worker.
  • We don’t expect you to HAVE the experience, we expect you to LEARN.
  • We want to help you with your questions, no matter how silly you think they are.
  • We like employees showing initiative.
  • We keep the joining procedure easy.

Want to become part of something bigger? Then join us today!! What are you waiting for!

Follow these 3 simple steps by use of the provided links.

  1. Send a joining form by DM to our contact person: ST | SE | SP
  2. Apply to our faction manually or use the “join link” below to generate join application automatically: altaltalt
  3. Register on our forum

Hint: Consult our contact person before you choose a start location, this will save you tons of time!