Population in Chalacta explodes as Tibannagas Prices soar in the Kastolar sector.

Year:  18 Day: 69

Sector: Kastolar

System: Chalacta

Planet: Chalacta

Aboard the Vice President’s Flagship, the Modular Taskforce Cruiser [SC] Olympus


The Sienar Conglomerate Bureau of Trade (SCBT) has today unveiled a new analysis about the Chalacta system mining boom using data from the Y 17 Census.

Gas giant from station

The Sienar Conglomerate Bureau of Trade (SCBT) report has shown that Chalacta is among one of the systems that have experienced the fastest population growth in Kastolar since the last Census. Seeing a growth of over 6 billion sentient beings in the past year alone.

The Vice President of the Sienar Conglomerate, Bart Roberts, said “These high growth mining systems like Chalacta tend to have a lot of jobs with higher income levels than surrounding systems. Miners work long hours for good pay. I am pleased to see the growth in civilization here in Chalacta.”

City in the clouds

“The Sienar Conglomerate Bureau of Trade (SCBT) report shows that unlike the rest of Kastolar, where females outnumber males, Chalacta System has more males. For example, more than two-thirds of people staying in Chalacta on the Y 17 Census were male. The study also shows that the majority of people in fast growing mining systems are in their prime working years between 25 and 54,” he said.

“The analysis report further found that these systems tend not to have many older people with only 1 per cent of people in Blimph on the last Census aged 65 or older.”

“The downside to this report is that there has been an increase in prostitution, and petty assaults. It also shows that real estate prices are skyrocketing with residents sometimes having to pay quite high rent – for example the median rent for a personal residence in Blimph, one of the other large mining systems in the Kastolar sector, rented from a private landlord was 1300 credits per week. While in Chalacta the same residence can be rented for 1500 credits per week.”

“You can bet that as long as the Tibannagas prices stay up, we will see continued growth in the Chalacta system.”  Vice President of the Sienar Conglomerate, Bart Roberts concluded.