Sienar Conglomerate’s Himalia Jade invites our valued customers to meet her at the Fourteenth Uli Swap Meet.

The Nimban Swap Meet is an annual occasion full of races, prizes, various equipment, ships, vehicles, droids, and of course Jawas. Held annually on Nimban at the City of Nelvaan teh swap meet features The Kreigs Run Race, The Uli Speed Trials, Jawas, and much more!!

Himalia will be greeting customers at Sienar’s Vendor Stall located in the heart of the Nimban Swap Meet. Some sentients may recall meeting Himalia previously during last year’s swap meet conducting a trial run of her new Merchant System. She was able to provide many suits of armor and medical items to several happy customers. Based upon these reports of customer satisfaction Himalia has decided to make attending the Swap Meet an annual event for herself and her Shop.