Sienar Conglomerate honors Ambassador and Chancellor From Tion Hegemony


Year: 17 Day: 157

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia: 

Sienar Conglomerate Shipyards


The air in the room is festive as all of the Sienar Conglomerate prepares for the launch of it’s newest warship. The name and hull number have been kept under wraps since the Sienar Technologies Ship Yards laid the keel months ago. The room goes quiet as Vice President Bart Roberts steps forward and speaks to the gathered crowd.

Ship yard 4

“Today is a proud moment for all of us under the Sienar Conglomerate flag. We gather today to both honor one of our dearest friends, our Ambassador from the Tion Hegemony Chancellor Stephanie Barefoot and witness the christening and launch of our newest warship. The launching of a ship is like the birth of a child: it is a time of tension and anticipation. The builder worries about the transfer of his large, weighty creation from the unyielding steel of the ship yard to the zero Gravity of space. And the people of the Sienar Conglomerate look forward with pride to our newest asset. Be she merchantman or man-of-war, the “birth” of a ship generates both emotions. This new ship, as you’ve heard, is a marvel of technological innovation, Sienar innovation, and the strength of our manufacturing system, as is this incredible shipyard.”

“So with no further ado, it is time to christen this incredible new ship.  Her crew can then take her out and defend the Sienar Conglomerate, just as our Navy and our civilian mariners have done in centuries past. May the BB 17 [SC] Stephanie Barefoot serve in peace but should the need arise, may she be ready to defend our home worlds.”

Vice President Roberts steps back from the podium and hands Ambassador Chancellor  Barefoot a small data pad with a blinking red button on it.

“Thank you Mr Vice President.”

steph_480“It is for me, a great honor and privilege to play a small part in this ceremony. For many years now, the peoples of the Sienar
Conglomerate and the Tion Hegemony have been good and close friends. Long may the relationship we share continue to be warm and fruitful. So, it is my pleasure to name this vessel the ‘BB 17 [SC] Stephanie Barefoot’. May good fortune follow her and all who serve upon her.”

Stephanie presses the button releasing the magnetic moorings holding the BB 17 in position within the confines of the shipyard. Maneuvering jets fire pushing the new warship out into space. As the [SC] Stephanie Barefoot drifted into view through the large observation view ports built into the side of the station, everyone in the room is awe struck by the sight of the Dreadnought class warship floating in silence with the capital world of the Sienar Conglomerate serving as the back drop.