Sienar Conglomerate releases new ordering system and services.


Year: 17 Day: 45 

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia 

Planet: Moobia

Sienar Conglomerate Headquarter



Sienar Conglomerate, one of the largest and oldest production corporations in the galaxy, announces today the release of a new sales system for the Conglomerate. This new system will revolutionize how Sienar clients order products, set delivery locations and order tracking.


Drey Exodus, President of the Conglomerate, said the following when asked about the new system: “It is our goal to offer our clients the best service in the galaxy. The introduction of our new ordering system will allow us to to extend a first class service the the greater galaxy”.

Sienar will be expanding to offer customers a larger selection of equipment, ships, vehicles and service options. One of the new services planned to be available shortly, is an advanced prospecting department, which will offer prospecting to groups and factions across the galaxy. Bart Roberts, Vice President of the Conglomerate, had the following to say about the new system:


“I am excited to not only announce the new sales network operational, I am equally excited to offer more products and services than ever, to our ever expanding clientele. Sienar has always been a leader in the production field, and this will ensure we continue to excel.”