Sienar Outstanding Service Commendation

Year:  19 Day: 1

Sector: Kastolar

System: Moobia

Planet: Moobia

Moobia Prime, Sienar Conglomerate Headquarters

A crowd of reporters and citizens gather in the Sienar Conglomerate press room as Bart Roberts steps up to a podium baring the seal of the Sienar Conglomerate. Four people join him standing to the right of the podium. The Vice President took a minute to organize some items on his data pad before looking up at the gathering. He smiled warmly to the crowed as he began to speak.

“Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the Sienar Conglomerate. Today it’s my honour, as Vice President of the Board of Management of the Sienar Conglomerate and in celebration of the end of the year to present Jaydon TaVolarian, Jarkath Solaris, Morgan Dall and Vassago Vine with the Sienar Outstanding Service Commendation.”

A round of applauds erupt from the crowd gathered in the press room. As the room begins to return to normal Bart continues

“The Outstanding Service Commendation was designed to honor those who perform their duties with outstanding service and dedication to our community. The recipient of the Outstanding Service Commendation Award must have demonstrated, dedication to the Sienar Conglomerate and our members combined with a strong sense of duty to their role in our community. These citizens have for some time, and continues to, put their whole heart and soul into their job and the Sienar Conglomerate.”

Bart then turned to the 4 people standing slightly behind and to the right of the podium.

Jaydon Tavolarian
Director of Sales
Sienar Technologies

“Director Tavolarian came to us about a year and a half ago. She has shown exemplary work ethics since day one. Jaydon joined the sales team shortly after joining Sienar Technologies and on Y18 D15 was promoted to Sales Director. Director Tavolarian has lead her team to triple total yearly sales numbers from Y 17. I am very proud to have Jaydon on our team and a part of the Sienar Conglomerate family. She has certainly earned recognition for her efforts.”

Jarkath Solaris
Chief Executive Officer
Sienar Extractions

“CEO Jarkath Solaris took over the helm at Sienar Extractions earlier this year when the then CEO Tessa Kay had to step down due to medical issues. Jarkath has done an amazing job as CEO of Extractions. He continues to improve supply lines and see to it that the materials, which are the life blood of any corporation, are available at construction sites, factories and shipyards throughout Conglomerate space. I look forward to work with Jarkath on the Board of Management in the coming year.”

Morgan Dall
Chief Operations Officer
Sienar Pharmaceuticals

“Morgan Dall joined the Sienar Conglomerate around Year 12 Day 52. COO Dall has always played a pivotal role on our construction team. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. He is one of the most reliable people I know. He is willing to do what ever he needs to do to better the Conglomerate. Morgan is now COO of Sienar Pharmaceuticals and works with SP to advance medical research and extend top notch medical services to all of the worlds in the Sienar Conglomerate. I am truly honored to call Morgan my friend.”

Vassago Vine
Chief Surgon
Sienar Pharmaceuticals

“Vassago Vine joined Sienar Pharmaceuticals around Year 17 Day 262. He is always happy to help where ever he is needed from construction and production to RM transport Vassago has always been happy to dive in and help. Vassago now heads up our cybernetic surgery division. This department is his creation, I know he will continue to make advancements in this field.”

Bart places Outstanding Service Commendation ribbon around the neck of each of them, then turns back to the crowd and extends his arms

“Ladies and gentlemen please acknowledge our friends with a warm Sienar family congratulations.”

Outstanding Service Commendation