Custom Urban Camo Corellian Powersuit Armour Set (incl. helmet)

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Custom Urban Camo Corellian Powersuit Armour Set (incl. helmet)

Corellian Powersuit Armour has been seen around the galaxy a long time. Designed to be worn by most humanoids, it is still favoured by many soldiers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters. Starting with the new Urban Camo model Sienar has revamped the suit, adding many new features. Starting at the top we have completely encased the wearer in the lightest metals and ballistic resistant polycarbonates available in the galaxy.  The new and improved targeting system allows up to a 10% faster time in target acquisition.

Also, a high output transmitter has been added giving the in suit communication system far improved range over our previous models.  We have included voice control software into the suit as well.

For the first time in a publicly available CPA, we have included a full climate control system. This option has in the past been available only in our military grade suits.

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